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News & Events

Presenting on Equity at AEA 2022

Innovation Network is presenting at the 2022 American Evaluation Association conference in New Orleans, LA. Our team is excited to spend time learning and refining our evaluation practice and to share the lessons from our own work.

We are presenting on participant ownership in evaluation, collective power, and facilitating group learning. Visit each session page to find more details and resources provided at each session.

Session Resources

  1. Building Collective Power: 2 Case Studies. Participants will hear two case studies (Child Care NEXT and Toward Equitable Electric Mobility) and leave with a deep understanding of the approach for each evaluation and lessons learned about what it takes to build collective power. 
  2. (Re)shaping evaluation together with foundation partners: Lessons from two pilot projects. In this poster session, the authors share their experiences with designing and implementing two projects that center the interests and priorities of grantees in foundations’ learning and evaluation.
  3. Facilitating Group Learning to (Re)shape Evaluation Practices. This poster session presents an Arc of Group Learning, with insights for embedding equitable facilitation practices at each stage.
  4. Advisory committees for evaluation of community power-building programs: experiences and lessons learned. This panel will share three examples of evaluation advisory committees for multi-site community power-building programs.