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Podcast: Building Collective Power to Strengthen Collaboration

What does it mean to build “collective power” and what could that look like?

In an episode on the Collective Impact Forum Podcast, our Interim Co-Director Alissa Marchant and learning partner Jacy Montoya Price of Alliance for Early Success talk about building collective power, including what it means to build collective power and what factors can contribute to building it. They discuss the Alliance’s Child Care NEXT coalition’s efforts to build collective power. Our evaluation of CC NEXT explores the culture of collective power amongst their wide spectrum of partners and advocates. They discuss several of the factors that have been most helpful in supporting a culture of collective power, and what challenges they have faced along the way.

Listen to the Collective Power Podcast here.

If you are interested in learning more about collective power, read about the Draft Framework for Collective Power and CC NEXT’s Milestones for Collective Power.