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Vision: One day, communities have the information they need and the power to lead the decisions impacting their future and well-being.

Mission: We facilitate meaningful learning and evaluation with and for our partners to advance equity and social justice.

Our values describe how we aspire to engage with each other, our partners, and communities, and how that shapes the way we live, and the work we do as an organization.


We are committed to doing work that advances social justice and equity from the inside out. Starting with ourselves, we foster compassion and accountability to undo oppressive structures, and work with our partners to use learning and evaluation to further equity beyond our (virtual) walls.

We are committed to doing work and using our resources to advance equity and social justice. We think critically about the projects we work on and design them to shift power towards communities that have systematically had less power and privilege. We elevate and support the work that has already been done by BIPOC evaluators, researchers, and other professionals who have contributed to the decolonization of learning.

We reflect on and reckon with our own actions, past and present, and take responsibility. We reflect on how our ways of working contribute to or uphold oppression and work to change them. We pursue feedback sincerely, and take it seriously. We break down our own biases and hold our discomfort. We seek help and support to fill our gaps and grow.

We demonstrate flexibility, care, and compassion to those we work with inside and outside our organization. We ensure that our staff, clients, and every person we encounter are treated with respect and dignity. We have hiring practices that value and encourage equity, diversity, and inclusion.

We embrace the diversity of people and perspectives in our world and actively seek knowledge different from our own, especially the perspectives and lived experiences of those who historically have held less power and privilege. We explore any discomfort from new ideas that might seem different and seek to mitigate our biases.

We pursue and invite new knowledge and perspectives, no matter how uncomfortable it is. We strive to approach our work with a beginner’s mindset grounded in curiosity, humility, love, and empathy. We revere the diversity of humanity and our world and explore it with gusto. We ask questions when we don’t understand. We seek input to broaden our awareness. We are humbled by experiences that are different from our own.

We value the perspectives and lived experiences of our clients and extending communities. We actively bring in voices of community members, including grantees and advocates, focusing on those who are often left unheard. We pay attention to the world outside of philanthropy, research, and evaluation to ground our perspective in the larger world and explore new spaces.

We work to be aware of and mitigate our natural human biases. We aren’t coming in as experts; we acknowledge that we are learning along the way. We hold differences, allowing for multiple perspectives to coexist. We recognize that those with lived experience are the experts of their experience. We seek to learn from and utilize other paradigms, ways of knowing, and methodologies.

We understand that as we learn, we are given the opportunity to grow and adapt. Sometimes that means making changes that feel risky but necessary. We will support our partners and each other to create those opportunities for growth, in service of social justice and equity.

We think critically, creatively, and interdependently about why and how we do things and adapt based on what we are learning. We leave behind what no longer serves us. We welcome discomfort and productive challenges. We cultivate opportunities for each other to grow and improve.

We take meaningful risks in our work, individually and as an organization, to align with our values. We support each other and our clients to undertake challenges and risks that may seem scary at first, but whose potential to drive positive change outweighs the fear.

We know that community and connection make space for us to value each other as human beings first and foremost, allowing us to do our work as whole people and conscious colleagues and partners.

We treat everyone with respect, dignity, compassion, and empathy. We do our best to learn about a person’s whole being, going beyond the technical to embrace the human.

We create intentional space and time to build caring and supporting relationships that center our humanity. We believe that trust is the key ingredient of successful partnerships and take time to build connections and put the needs of the individuals we work with before unnecessary sense of urgency originating from systems of oppression.

We believe that our work is driven by our ability to be authentic and honest with one another. For us, authenticity can only exist in spaces that welcome and celebrate the unique perspective of each individual and the feedback they may offer or receive.

We are straightforward with each other and with our clients. We solicit feedback from each other, the communities we serve, and our clients and partners.

We create space for all people to be heard, from every level in our organization to the clients and community members we work with. We are committed to making the systemic changes necessary that elevate the voices of those with the least power and privilege.