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Innovation Network is dedicated to making evaluation accessible to nonprofits and foundations. We believe in the power of data and storytelling to inform decisions, strengthen results, and create lasting change. We also believe that evaluations are only effective when they are used!

To this end, Innovation Network designs all projects with a participatory approach, involving stakeholders in every aspect of the evaluation lifecycle: evaluation planning, data collection, analysis and reflection, and reporting. In our experience, this work receives significantly more buy-in when organizational staff are engaged in the process, leading to more effective learning and increased use of evaluation results.

We tailor our services to fit each client’s needs, learning style, and available resources. There is no “standard project,” but the following elements are common in our engagement with a client:

  • Evaluation planning involves the development of a theory of change or logic model. This process is an opportunity to reflect on critical questions around what an organization or program is doing, what differences it strives to make, how it plans to achieve this, and how it measures success. We work with clients to develop, refine, and prioritize evaluation questions that relate to both process and outcomes; to define outcomes; to identify indicators for measuring these outcomes; and to select the most appropriate sources and methods for data collection.
  • Our data collection techniques involve a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods that aim to capture a variety of perspectives. We provide not only numeric data, but also rich and nuanced stories to understand the differences made by the organizations we work with.
  • To communicate evaluation findings, we use data visualization tools and approaches to develop accessible and engaging reports, presentations, and other deliverables for learning and improvement.

In addition to program planning and evaluation consulting, we offer training and capacity building services, and conduct independent research. As a mission-driven organization, we are dedicated to strengthening the field of nonprofit evaluation, providing resources and expertise so that nonprofits have the knowledge and skills to learn from their work and improve their services and impact.