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Copyright Policy

Innovation Network, Inc. grants permission for the not-for-profit reproduction or distribution of information provided on its website, provided that:

  • Proper copyright notice is affixed where applicable;
  • No alterations are made to the content of any file; and
  • Credit is given to Innovation Network, Inc. or the specified author(s)/copyright holder(s) of the document as the source of the information.

Anti-Spam Policy

Innovation Network is strongly opposed to the practice of spamming (sending unsolicited email, particularly in bulk). We have anti-spam policies and procedures in place to:

  • Protect Innovation Network web users and staff from receiving spam, and
  • Protect Innovation Network as an organization, both from spam and from the risk of being labeled a spammer.

Spam is in the eye of the receiver. Many Internet users regard any unsolicited email as spam, whether or not that email is commercial in nature or is sent as part of a bulk mailing. Since many users and their Internet Service Providers are now using spam-blocking software and are reporting unsolicited emails as spam (whether or not these emails meet legal or technical definitions of spam), Innovation Network believes it is critical that we limit our emailing to those addresses for which we have been granted verifiable, deliberate, explicit, and revocable permission.

To that end, as of October 24, 2016, all new subscribers to our email update distribution list (maintained by Constant Contact) have been subscribed on a “double-opt-in” basis before they receive any email from us (beyond the automatic confirmation email received after registration).

How this works for you: As part of your registration on, you are offered a check box to subscribe to email updates — as-needed emailings detailing website upgrades, previewing new tools, informing you of scheduled outages, etc.). If you choose to receive updates (strongly recommended) and provide a valid email address, your information is automatically transferred to Constant Contact, and a confirmation email is sent to you. You will be added to our emailing list only when you confirm your subscription. You may unsubscribe at any time; a secure unsubscribe link is included with every Constant Contact mailing, and you may continue to use our online tools and resources even if you unsubscribe from the email list. In addition, the email address you register on is protected by your password, and cannot be accessed by spambots (automated programs that collect email addresses from websites).

If you have any questions about any of our policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us at