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Measuring CO’s Health Equity Advocacy Ecosystem

Innovation Network is the learning partner to the Colorado Health Foundation’s Amplifying Advocacy Initiative, which seeks to support an equitable and representative advocacy ecosystem to advance health and health equity in Colorado. We conducted a survey of advocacy organizations throughout Colorado in the Fall of 2019 to begin to build out an information base about the health equity advocacy ecosystem, including: who advocates seek to serve and/or represent, who is represented and informs decisions within organizations, how advocates do their work, and what partnerships look like within the network. The purpose of this effort is to help the Foundation better support diverse advocates, as well as to share information back to advocates and other funders about this shared landscape.

Additional Resources:

VIDEO: This series of short recordings share the results of the 2019 Health Equity Advocacy Ecosystem Survey, including brief findings and questions to start thinking about what these finding may mean for your organization.