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Webinar: An Equitable View towards Data Communications

How far does equity continue beyond your evaluation report? Does your reporting truly communicate what you intended? How can analysts, researchers, and developers apply a race- and ethnicity-conscious lens to their data analysis and visualization work? Evaluators hold substantive power in disseminating and influencing high level decision-making. To ensure that evaluative findings support community needs, reduce harm, and reflect the diversity of those communities, evaluators must be skilled at communicating equitably. This requires carefully considering how written words and visual presentations of data are received by readers, users, and audiences.

In this webinar, you will hear from Shelli Golson-Mickens of Innovation Network, Elizabeth Grim of Elizabeth Grim Consulting, and Jonathan Schwabish of the Urban Institute. All have developed guides on communicating equitably, including a) developing a framing and lens for communication that centers the audience and self-reflection, b) adopting inclusive and non-violent language, and c) creating visuals with an equitable and inclusive approach.

Join us on Dec 8 at 12:00PM EST. Register for FREE: