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Finding value in the process: cultivating process use in dynamic and complex advocacy and policy change evaluations [AEA 2018 SESSION MATERIALS]

Stakeholder involvement across the different stages of the evaluation lifecycle is critical when evaluating advocacy and policy change initiatives, given their complexity and rapidly changing contexts. Research shows that meaningfully engaging stakeholders in the evaluation process not only contributes to the efficacy and value of the evaluation, but also contributes to changes in stakeholder thinking and behavior. In this session, presenters highlighted various strategies that have been used to leverage the knowledge and experience of key stakeholders during the evaluation process in a way that contributes to the evaluation design, analysis, and the learnings generated from the evaluation, while also increasing stakeholder buy-in. By sharing practical examples of approaches used at different stages of the evaluation, the presenters highlighted principles for effectively integrating stakeholder knowledge and insights into the evaluation process.

What’s so innovative?¬†This session examines the intersection between process use and evaluation strategies for advocacy and policy change initiatives, lifting up opportunities for learning among project stakeholders while contributing to the goals of the evaluation.

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