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Facilitating Group Learning to (Re)shape Evaluation Practices

Facilitating Group Learning to (Re)shape Evaluation Practices

Presenters: Anvi Mridul, Rebecca Perlmutter, Alissa Marchant

Wed, Nov 9, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

In order to decolonize evaluation, evaluators must create a space where all stakeholders are able to contribute, especially those who had previously not been invited to these conversations. We are called to facilitate conversations that empower those who are the most impacted to make decisions. We will share what it takes to facilitate group learning across diverse stakeholders. Participants will learn about the evaluator’s role in these conversations. They will be presented with an Arc of Group Learning and examples for each stage. The presenters will draw from their own experience navigating diverse perspectives across a range of stakeholders  and share real examples from their work. This poster session shares insights for group learning both in-person and virtually, with an emphasis on virtual facilitation.

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