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Call for abstract submissions

Last year the American Evaluation Association’s Advocacy and Policy Change (APC) TIG (topical interest group) celebrated 10 years of their founding as an official TIG. While advocacy and policy evaluation did not start with the creation of the TIG, there have been immense growth and development in our field in the last 10 years.  With the intent of capturing some of the most prominent learning and state of practice ideas, Jared Raynor of TCC Group and Sarah Stachowiak of ORS Impact are putting together a proposal for a special edition of New Directions in Evaluation focused on evaluating advocacy and policy change.

They invite your ideas to this special edition to be an author of an article to be included.  Please send a short abstract (no more than 300 words) directly to Jared Raynor at with your idea for the journal.  In particular, they are looking for articles that:

  • Capture the shifts in theory and practice in APC evaluation
  • Demonstrate proven methods
  • Articulate important concepts or design issues
  • Explore APC evaluation in an international context

Abstracts do not need to be fully fleshed out, but should be able to convey a clear and specific content area that would be at the center of an article developed in the future. Completed work that is unpublished is also welcome.  Note that this is a formal publication and rigor of research and writing will be expected.  Further, this is a call for ideas and no commitment is implied on the part of submitters or receivers.

While ideas will be accepted until a formal proposal is being developed (estimated Summer 2019), abstracts submitted by May 15 would be most helpful.