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Veena has over 15 years of experience leading organizations through the evaluation design and implementation process. As Director of Innovation Network, she provides leadership and evaluation expertise both within her organization and with external partners. Through her work, Veena steers Innovation Network through the philanthropic evaluation landscape. She works closely with funders and nonprofits to answer questions around program design, implementation, and impact. As a facilitator, Veena skillfully navigates organizations, teams, and communities through all phases of the evaluation lifecycle and guides groups through emergent learning conversations to promote sensemaking and generate insights that lead to new ways of working.

Veena is particularly adept at systematically applying a multitude of frameworks and approaches to assess levels of influence and progress towards advocacy and policy change efforts. Her experience ranges across topical areas such as health promotion, health equity, social justice, immigration reform, and integrated voter engagement. She enjoys partnering with clients to strengthen their strategic thinking in service of learning and achieving positive social outcomes. Veena has developed a keen interest in facilitative processes that enhance stakeholder understanding and use of evaluation data. She invented data placemats, a participatory technique used in analysis of evaluation findings.

Veena believes in sharing knowledge to build evaluation capacity and has written several publications and blog posts showcasing data placemats, emergent learning, and other work. Check out her chapter on data placemats as a facilitative technique in New Directions in Evaluation; her white papers on coalition capacity assessment and participatory evaluation; and her contributions to Innovation Network’s State of Evaluation Project.

Veena has an interest in organization development and working with organizations to better understand what it takes to foster a culture that values learning. She holds a Master Practitioner Certification in Emergent Learning and a Certificate in Organization Development from Georgetown University. Veena received a BA in Sociology from University of Virginia, and an MA in Social Sciences from University of Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her husband and two kids.

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